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Simple Workout For Flat Abs

One simple workout for flat abs is to use the Ab Wheel to roll up and down, up and down facedown repeatedly until you get a bit tiresome, then, break for 60 sec…..repeat exercises again for 10 sets to build flat stomach muscles gradually…be deligent, consistent and daily at home, office or any clean floor space…for more tips, visit………To compliment workout, one is better off to have food intakes that have much protein such as healthy quinoa grains for good dieting meals, fish and white meats.
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What are some lower ab workouts you can do without equipment?

Question by : What are some lower ab workouts you can do without equipment?
Most of the ab exercises i do pretty much only work out my upper abs. I’ve heard lower ab workouts are mainly supposed to consist of using your legs. I’m wondering if anyone has an ideas of what i could throw into my ab routine.

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Answer by ClickMaster
The abs are a single muscle so there is no way to work one part of the rectus abdominus without working all parts of it. However, the abs are an easy muscle to build.

The videos below will show you everything you need to know about how to build your rectus abdominus and ancillary musculature.

Lovehandles Makeover

Good luck and good health!!

How to reduce fat on from the pelvic area?

Question by BeckerJames: How to reduce fat on from the pelvic area?
Is it possible? I’d like to reduce the fat over there as it would make things look bigger, of course also for the health benefits we get by reducing fat.

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Answer by KingPin
Sadly we cant really choose where our bodies store the fat, so do plenty of cardio exercise such as running, swimming or cycling to reduce your overall body fat percentage, and this will reduce the amount of fat on the pelvic area.

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1.Craving Control Diet – Lose 3 To 5 Pounds A Week Naturally

Craving Control Diet – Lose 3 To 5 Pounds A Week Naturally
New Craving Control Diet Lets You Lose 3 To 5 Pounds A Week Without Hunger. Reduce Your Food Cravings And Burn Fat Faster. Easy, Natural Way To Lose Weight Naturally.
Craving Control Diet – Lose 3 To 5 Pounds A Week Naturally

Simple-to-follow 20-minute H.i.i.t. Workout
These Workouts Are Specifically Designed To Take Out All The Guess Work For You As You Trim That Belly, Slim Your Thighs And Reduce That Unwanted Body Fat. No Equipment Needed Just A Mat, Floor Space & Some Ceiling Height.
Simple-to-follow 20-minute H.i.i.t. Workout

Burning Lovehandles Fat- Creator of JNL Fusion Workout Method Jennifer Nicole Lee Proves that She is Dedicated to Her Fusion Fitness Method, Exercising During Holidays

Creator of JNL Fusion Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee’s latest paparazzi photos to date show her exercising in a public Miami park, training a VIP client in her JNL Fusion method. Known by her worldwide fans as JNL, she showed off a super tight and toned physique, which she explains is the results of her JNL Fusion workout method. Once a fat and frumpy housewife, JNL fell in love with fitness after the birth of her children, helping her to shed over 80 lbs. revealing a super athletic, sleek and sexy physique. Then she went on to create an effective workout method, allowing her to get maximum results in minimum time. Being busy mom, JNL needed a workout formula curtailed for busy women that would give them a super fitness model body, with broad strong shoulders, a cinched in waistline, with sexy toned cellulite free legs. So she would train for only 45 minutes, performing a total of 6 circuits, consisting of a strength movement, followed by a cardio burst which would super spike the metabolism.

This JNL Fusion method has been so super successful that it’s been the cause of countless weight loss success stories, and is now a highly sought after certification method. Now it has been produced into a complete exercise DVD series, which will be launching world wide and sold via infomercial and online website sales.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has many trademark sayings and catch phrases that she uses to motivate her clients with, such as “Strong is the New Skinny”, “Kiss My Abs”, “Glutes That Salute”, “TNT” and also “never give up, never give in, and always train to win”.

The next big fitness World Conference JNL will be hosting is the 2nd Annual JNL Fusion Certification Program, held at a private resort for her exclusive attendees coming in from every corner of the globe.

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Home Workout with Bodyweight Exercises

[Gain 6-pack abs] – Looking for a great home workout that only uses your bodyweight? Well, give this workout a shot – it only uses bodyweight exercises – and you’ll quickly find out why it’s so easy to workout at home.

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eating raw for energy

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How To Lose Your Lovehandles Exercises Vote for me for the YouTube NextUp Program!!! People want to know how to lose their love handles! Cardio will help burn the fat around your mid section, but if you don’t have much weight to lose, then these resistance training moves will help slim down your waist. Facebook – Twitter – My Examiner – iTunes – itpc://
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Sick & tired of living with those love handles aka the obliques? Well now the #1 personal trainer in the Napa Valley has made a quick video showing you a simple & quick workout to get rid of those love handles you’ve been wearing. Throw this 3-minute blast into your next workout & you’ll quickly start to feel the results with a flat stomach in no time! If you’re looking for more great workouts and info. resources,  visit to these webpages or check these out at some low glycemic index eats or access this amazing truth about how to flatten your stomach
The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet>Do not be late, buy this <strong>7-Day Belly Blast Diet </strong>Plan Now!</a></p>
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