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What are the best ab and oblique exercises for Killer Abs and Beach Abs?

Question by Tommy: What are the best ab and oblique exercises for killer abs and beach abs?
Well, im 6 foot 3 and i weigh 245 pounds. I only have fat of my stomach, sides and a little on my thighs. Im doing different types of squats for my thighs but i want to know what exercises are best and the most effecting for my stomack and love handles. Exercises like crunches and stuff. Im going to do three ab exercises and 2 side exercises. Which ones should i do? Thank you. Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

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Answer by McNinja
Running, planks, sit-ups, leg lifts. Those are great for your abs and oliques.

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Hey, killer abs and beach abs workouts are supposedly easy, flexible and require little equipments because they are applicable in any changing rooms, staircases, beach fronts and public areas.

Watch this video and you will pick up one or two techniques that suit you in your daily persuit for the perfect abs, if not the lovehandles exercises.

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