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Question by Ashley: how to get a six pack? and get rid of love handles?
well ive had this 4 pack for a while but cant get that six pack definition that i want. im in shape but just need to define my abbs some more.
also the love handle thing, its not huge at all just a little but its so hard to get rid of! any excersise suggestions?

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Answer by Remember Me =]
I use the Bender Ball. I only use it maybe once a week and I have like ab definition and i do not work out in any other way. Its great…. but if you don’t want to get that, i just say do about 25 crunches where you cross over with your elbows to your knees. 25 with your right elbow touching your left knee. and 25 with your left elbow touching your right knee. Do it every night before going to bed.I hear that working out before going to bed makes it more effective. drink water right after to flush it out. This sounds like major work out tips for losing lots of weight but to get it gone fast (since you sound like an athletic person), i would do that for about a month. It works your obliques. I used to do that and a few other things like that right after lunch for about 3-5 minutes (and i was pretty tubby then) and in two months i had lost 30lbs. And i ate just as much as i always would. =] hope i helped! oh, oooh…also standing abs exercises like the above video that shows you how

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