Question by Alina: How much cardio/ab exercises to do each week to get rid of stomach fat?
I’m female, 5’5″ and 128-130 pounds. I have a slim figure, but my excess fat is all at my stomach so that’s what I want to focus on. How much cardio should I do per week and how much ab exercises should I combine with it? Any specific ab exercises/# of reps I should do? Should I spend more time doing cardio than ab exercises? I’m trying to develop a fitness plan I can stick to. Thanks!

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Answer by Cadence
I will give you 4 Essential Tips for How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat, and if you follow these tips with you would achiev result in shortest time, I would want you to also know that One of the most effective methods for shedding excess fat is by doing some cardio activities. About three to five times each week of cardio, 45mins in length ought to be enough for anyone getting started. A stationary bike, heading off for a walk, water aerobics, or using a treadmill are each great methods of low-intensity exercises.

More noticeable results are usually gotten by advanced workouts such as HIIT. In the middle of each cardio exercise, you’ll want to incorporate short intervals of high intensity. Such bursts of HIIT may involve the use of a jump rope, running, working with exercise gear or even swimming. Which ever exercise you choose, start by doing it moderately for 30 secs.

And, then speed up and really push yourself to the max you feel you’re able to go for another 30 seconds. Then, bring your speed back to normal and follow the same routine again. After around about 8 mins of doing so, begin to cool down for a further 5 more mins.

– Strength Training Helps Too
The importance of strength training is vital for building muscle, which in turn helps the body metabolize any fat properly. While it pays to allocate more days for cardio aerobics, strength training can be done just three days a week. Each session will be around about 20 mins to work the muscle groups effectively.
Either dumbbells, resistance bands or machines may be used for this.

– The Importance of Eating the Right Calories
Fat loss usually comes when you are able to consume a lower amount of calories than what’s burned off. This can be accomplished by making some alterations to what you presently eat. In particular, fruits like melons and berries that happen to be low in sugar, as well as lean meats, low fat dairy can help in eradicating any unnecessary calories you may normally absorb.

– Target the Abs
Once you incorporate the right sorts of foods into your meals and get the amount of calories down, by also doing ab exercises, you can develop sexy looking abs to show off. There is a range of exercises one can employ such as belly dancing, yoga or cycling.

-Get Rid of Sugar and Salt
Too much of either sodium or sugar results in retention of fluids around the stomach.

Frozen entrees, some sauces and soups can each contain sodium in them, so look for alternative foods that are low in sodium if possible. Whole grain foods can be a perfect choice in place of carbs, as can veggies and fruit, which is usually a result of carb overload.

Hope it helps!

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