Question by Argan Blawpher: What are the benefits of doing Plank exercises?
I was wondering if anyone can give me full detail on Plank exercises. If done correctly, will it make my abs fit? I was hoping it will make my stomach grow larger and look stronger, so that it can connect evenly with my chest muscles, instead of having a big chest with a small stomach. I’m really close getting a six pack. I can see it. I was wondering if the plank exercise will make it look better and get it faster. Thanks

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Answer by Bear1990
Plank exercises more known as Static holds,strengthen your abdominal core. ( which is what you want )

Act like your doing a push up, but put your elbows on the ground and hold yourself in that position.

( your head should be facing the ground, relaxed)

Hold for about 1 minute. and do like 3 – 5 reps.

Also do side static holds.

Same thing but, take 1 elbow off the floor. Extend your arm straight in the air.

And with your other foot resting on the one bearing the weigh of your body. 3 – 5 reps, 1 minute

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