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Killer Abs and Beach Abs Workouts | Lovehandles Exercises

What are the best ab and oblique exercises for Killer Abs and Beach Abs?

Question by Tommy: What are the best ab and oblique exercises for killer abs and beach abs?
Well, im 6 foot 3 and i weigh 245 pounds. I only have fat of my stomach, sides and a little on my thighs. Im doing different types of squats for my thighs but i want to know what exercises are best and the most effecting for my stomack and love handles. Exercises like crunches and stuff. Im going to do three ab exercises and 2 side exercises. Which ones should i do? Thank you. Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by McNinja
Running, planks, sit-ups, leg lifts. Those are great for your abs and oliques.

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Hey, killer abs and beach abs workouts are supposedly easy, flexible and require little equipments because they are applicable in any changing rooms, staircases, beach fronts and public areas.

Watch this video and you will pick up one or two techniques that suit you in your daily persuit for the perfect abs, if not the lovehandles exercises.

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How to Lose Their Love Handles

A new video detailing specific ways someone can follow if they are extremely interested in how to lose their love handles. In the video, it goes through numerous pitfalls and dead-ends that someone goes through when it comes to losing the stubborn fat around their belly and waist-line. This type of fat is very hard to lose and often plagues people for a long time, especially if they are already skinny to begin with and want to achieve a ripped set of abdominals and a flat stomach.

One of the ways that it talks about in on Reduce fat- how to lose their love handles is the use of certain types of workouts that burn the most amounts of calories and belly fat. These types of workouts (training workouts) have been scientifically proven to utilize the most amounts of calories in the quickest time frame possible. Plus, these workouts have been proven to elevate one’s metabolism for the longest period of time because of the EPOC principle, which stands for excess post oxygen consumption. This is when an oxygen debt is created inside of the body and one’s metabolism is therefore increased, burning more body fat then normally possible.

Also, this effect cannot happen when someone does traditional cardiovascular training because the demand is not high enough inside the body. That is one of the big reasons training exercises are the best to lose love handles. They elicit a huge adaptation response inside of the body, therefore the body must be forced to recover and adapt, therefore it burns a tremendous amount of calories for a long period of time.

Combined with this and “strategic over-feeding” one can discover the secret on how to lose love handles without having to resort to any crazy fad diets, long, slow and boring cardio sessions or purchase very expensive and often dangerous bottles of fat loss powders, pills, and potions.

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Fast Track Fat Loss: what is the best type of abs workout without a gym. And how many should I shoot for everyday?

Question by DANIEL W: what is the best type of abs workout without a gym. And how many should I shoot for everyday?
what is the best abs workout with out a gym. And how many situps should I do everyday. because I want my abs to be shown clearly. I eat a lot of protein and piotausissum. My body is muscle up and cut up but my stomach is very flat. I want my abs to pop out. I do seven a days of cardio and 6 six days of weight trainning. I have to be on the top of my game because I am a professional model and I need help.

Best answer:

Answer by eccentrick
If you don’t mind that I share with you an exercise that we did in the military I think this will help your abs.

We would do a modified version of the BEAR SITUPS. We used a normal kitchen chair and sit in it sideways. Put our feet under something heavy like the dresser or stove or fridge and do sit ups by going all the way back to the floor and all the way back up. Each other pass back and forth twist to one side, then the other working both sides equally.

Warning,warning, warning!!! don’t do more than 4 or 5 for the first time even though you might be pretty fit. That exercise is not for novices to abuse the first few times. Your body will figure out what your capable day two. Just do no more than 5 and see how well you roll out of bed tomorrow.

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